Concealing bald spots

Like manicure and pedi cure, the all have one thing in common, they all require special care.

People take for granted minor things that can really tornish their sex appeal and develope in-securites, I have been a witness to these things in the past.

here is my site I made to address this issues, i hope the methods and strategies will help ease your mind.

Hair loss


Among these I would suggest staying away from oily spicy foods that contain high perservatives.

I have noticed men who normally eat chiness foods are more likely to go bald than men that eat pizza on a daily basis?

Most common thing to blame for it is Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) also commonly called androgenic hormones or testoids.

 Androgens are part of the biology of gender by stimulating and controlling the development and maintenance of masculine characteristics.

DHT is 3 times more potent than testosterone; testosterone is 5-10 times more potent than adrenal androgens.

Anyway movie actors and famous people all go through this, but if you have money or common sense you can fix these culprits one by one and show them who the boss is.

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